"Our moms absolutely love it— a panty to support during pregnancy and after delivery.
"Our new moms state this is a fantastic product and it really provided support where they needed it.
"We recommend this to everyone!"

—Katina, The Nursing Mother's Center, Forsyth Medical Center, Winston-Salem, NC

"I absolutely loved it.  Loved it!  It gave me support exactly where I wanted it.

"They gave me an elastic binder in the hospital which was very uncomfortable and kept riding up.  The Cezara™ was so much better.  It was fantastic!  It was very easy to wash and held up very well.  I used it all the time for 7 weeks. At first I thought the price was high but now I would say it was worth every penny.  I would buy it again in a second.

"I’ll recommend this to everyone."

—Jane, who bought her Cezara™ at Lactation Station, Salt Lake City, Utah

"I was really skeptical that a belly support panty could work all the way through a pregnancy and yet shrink back down and still provide gentle support for over c-section scars (or any afterbirth tummy for that matter!). However, this ingenious design does just that!! Now you can have one support garment for both before and after no matter what kind of birth you have!"

—P.J. Jacobson, www.birthandbaby.com

"Dr. Tydings gave me the Cezara panties 4 hours after I had my son. Less than 12 hours after having my c-section I got up and (while standing straight up) walked down the hall and back with no problem. Before having the surgery I heard horror stories about c-sections and the pain I would be in and how walking was painful; with these panties, I had no problems. I am so very grateful. I wore them for 3 weeks post op! They felt so supportive and helped when my little wiggle worm would hit my incision. Only recommendation I have is that I wish I would have had 2 pair!!! I loved these panties and consider them a necessity for any new mom!!!!"

—Paige S., Albany, Louisiana

"As a mother of 4 and 30 years in the medical field, I wish this was available in my years of child bearing.

"When my granddaughter had her c-section, I was in awe when she stood straight up out of the bed like nothing had ever happened. When I asked her if she was hurting she said no. I never saw her hold her stomach or hunch over. She stood straight up and we even had to tell her to not be so active. The day after returning home she told me she did 3 loads of clothes with no problem at all!"

—Jean C., Albany, Louisiana

"I started wearing the Cezara™ at 3 weeks (post-Cesarean).  The support pad in the Cezara™ was great.  I immediately felt that the incision was more protected and not being rubbed on.  I stopped wearing the maxi pads and wore the Cezara™ instead.  I wore the Cezara™ over my own panties, so that I could wear Cezara™ more often and not wash Cezara™ all the time. I have not noticed a dramatic difference in the look of my scar, but have felt more comfortable with the scar since wearing the Cezara™.  I had tried to wear a sling wrap with my baby, but it had been uncomfortable because the baby would hit my scar.  With the Cezara™, I was able to wear the baby in a sling and not feel uncomfortable."

—Melissa C. who got her Cezara™ at Fashion After Passion

"I found this product very helpful after my C-section. It helped hold my stomach up and allowed me to sleep comfortably on my side. I've used it for nearly a month and would say it is worth the money you'll pay for it."

—Nicole R. who bought her Cezara™ at Lactation Station, Salt Lake City, Utah